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Marijuana & Exchange Students
01-30-09, 12:14 am
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  If you are an exchange student, and you must smoke, you’re an idiot.   That’s not a moral opinion, it’s practical.   Assume you will be caught.  If you are caught, you are terminated.  No appeal in the US, or most other countries.

I remember being smarter than adults.  It’s the arrogance of youth.  Kids are still arrogant, but in a different way.  They don’t seem to care about getting caught.   Exchange Students don’t have that luxury.  If students are caught with pot in my program, they go home.  It’s one of our few deal-breakers.   We have to tell the State Department why the kid is leaving early.  It would be difficult to return to the US later.   Can you imagine being 30, and telling your employer or partner  “Sorry, I can’t get a US Visa.”    Students have been terminated from The Netherlands and Brasil for possessing marijuana.  I know only one country that will give students a second chance for testing positive.   One volunteer told me she really liked a student, and knew the FES wouldn’t pass a test.  The kid lied and lied, and the volunteer even offered to take the test for FES.  (My jaw dropped to the floor when I heard that.)  Kid failed, and went home.  Remember, marijuana is fat soluble, it stays in the system.  I don’t think we ever gave a student the pee test, host parents find the weed or paraphernalia.   Under the bed or in the underwear drawer aren’t good hiding places, idiots.

I’ve never smoked pot, but none of my reasons are because it is illegal.  I’m very allergic to marijuana, all of the soft tissue in my mouth and throat swells, and it’s tough to breathe.   The breathing thing is my main reason, but I don’t like to lose control and I come from a long line of drunks.  

I think weed should be legal for non-minors, and regulated like alcohol.   Until that happens, don’t be an idiot.


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“I think weed should be legal for non-minors, and regulated like alcohol.” And taxed. We could both make and SAVE a lot of $$$. Make w/taxes; save w/keeping relatively minor marijuana criminals out of the judicial system.

Comment by BT in SA

I completely agree. Wouldn’t that put a huge dent in the deficit?

Comment by Wry

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