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02-10-09, 2:57 am
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This weekend’s meeting was the first one in 2 months.  Some of the students haven’t seen each other since November.   It was interesting to see the interactions, just like a big cocktail party.   We had Inbounds, Outbounds, students from other exchange programs, and former exchange students, about 60 total.

The Latinos welcomed 3 new guys to their group, the new students blended in well.  A group of 5 new Outbounds cling to each other.   They’re all from different school districts, but spend time with just themselves.   I didn’t notice anyone sitting in a corner alone.   Another group of 6 or 7 all come from the same school are a bit brash and Alpha Senior type. We’ll have to watch them so they don’t try to run over the others.   I like seeing the inbounds and outbounds interacting.   I like when the students move from group to individual and work the room.  

Husband gave me his cold, and I’ve had it all week.  It wasn’t an option for me to stay home.  At least have the kids had colds, and by tomorrow the rest will be sick.  They never think of germs.  They share drinks, kiss and hug often, barely wash their hands, and generally crawl over each other like puppies.   Only a few students slept before dawn.  They had to be ready to leave at 7am.  It’s the same fight each month.  “Get up!  We have to leave.”  “NOOOOOOO. Pleeasseee!”   I stayed awake until I was home in my own bed.   Husband said I snored. loudly.


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would the group of 5 be the ‘nerdlets’ 😛
….cause i have some of those in my district…cough cough

by Anonymous 😀

Comment by M

Well at least they have each other. We’ve had years where one or 2 kids would just sit in a corner all night like lumps. Of course, those are usually the know-it-alls who don’t like students, only adults they can suck up to.

Comment by Wry

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