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Outbound Training Session, part 2
02-10-09, 2:28 am
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  Training was a mix of the students getting to know our program, and us getting to know them.  Each class has a different personality, and we have to adapt to best prepare them.

We told them program details, our terminology,  how to request help,  how the program works, (crap.  we didn’t tell them we’re all volunteers.  i just remembered that.)  how to suck up, be a good student,  who were are, and our positions in the group.

We tried to talk them out of being exchange students.  They defended their choices well.   We told them this would be the most difficult year of their lives, but also a wonderful experience.   We want them to bond, and it seems to be happening.

Next month’s training will consist of them presenting their homework-reports on the culture of their country.  We’ll discuss and analyze the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, current political events, and the new Obama administration.    We’ll break into 3 smaller groups-Americas, Asia, and Europe for more detailed discussion.   

After group training, I took my South Americans to talk to them alone a bit while the other specialists took their kids.   Then we turned them loose to play for the rest of the night.   They learn quickly not to fall asleep until the sun rises.   Other students wrote on the sleepers.


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