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I’ll Do It
02-14-09, 2:12 am
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  I can’t wait until this year is over.  How many times can  I say it?  Every week, we find a new train wreck.  Today’s mess is creative.   Someone who isn’t a program volunteer set up an exchange.  How’s that for different?

Instead of passing along the inquiry from the other country, or responding that he hasn’t been a volunteer for almost a year, he corresponded back and forth to set up next year’s exchange for a student. 

The problems include-

  • We have 2 students for Feslandia, not one.  We have to scramble to put the other student somewhere else.  
  • ExVol doesn’t have our students’ applications, nor access to them. 
  • ExVol never told anyone about his meddling; we found out accidentally.  Thank heavens we were able to divert the Feslandian student’s application to our house before it disappeared to ExVols house.
  • We look like morons to our disappointed student, and to the Feslandians.

Now we have to find a way to see if ExVol has set up exchanges with other countries.   The worst part is he’s being vindictive to us by playing games with students’ futures.

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