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Advanced Money Skills
02-26-09, 4:35 am
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 I’m collecting money from the students.  Some of the money is for outgoing students fees, and the rest is for a trip.   The outgoing students send their payment in a sealed envelope with return address.  They fold a piece of notebook paper around the check with a note to me.

The trip payments are evenly divided between inbounds and outbounds.  I can tell if the payment is from an American  or foreign student by the back of the envelope.  Inbounds will use odd size envelopes, taped the flap closed, staple the envelope closed, or just not seal it at all.    The return address is either missing or on the back.   My name and address is typically spelled wrong, placed oddly, or missing words.

Most of the inbound students don’t have checking accounts.  I recommend they either buy a money order at the post office or 7-11.    They can give their hostparents money, and have them write a check.  Sounds  reasonable?  More like rare. They refuse to buy money orders.  They just don’t understand them.   I get cash stuffed in an unsealed envelope with no note.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get a return address on the envelope.  No name.   Today I received $100.00 stuffed in a flimsy envelope with no name.   I think 700 or 800 was the most cash one of them ever mailed to me.    

 I can’t believe the money arrives here safely.  One good think about living in the boonies.    The postal carriers all know us,   Wry nolastname,  no street address, Town, and  State get to us.

One of the inbounds was paying online for the big bus trip.  3 emails back and forth about ‘What is my expiration date of my card?’  ‘Where is it?’  ‘What and where is the 3 digit verification code on the back?’  I felt like a human Google.

ETA:  It’s not just them.  Once kids gave checks and cash at an event.  I stuffed them all in my back pocket.  Threw the jeans in the wash without emptying the pockets.  They were packed so tightly that they didn’t shred or fade.

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