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Preparing for 09-10
03-03-09, 11:59 pm
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    We are chugging along for next year.   All of our new outgoing students are placed.  Hurray!    To have everyone placed by the end of February is wonderful.   They don’t have host families yet, but that won’t happen for many months.  They have all been placed in countries and regions of their country.  

We’ve received 6 or 7 applications from other countries already.  We will start placing them next week.   It takes pressure off when we can place them over 3 or 4 months instead of panicking in August.

I am setting up next year’s schedule.  I am almost finished,  just waiting on a few date confirmations.   We haven’t had a completed schedule for the last few years.  We do the same activities annually, it almost writes itself.   “Someone” just has to do it.    I am also nearly finished with compiling the local volunteers.  The last volunteer list was from 3 years ago when I did it. 

I like it so much better when I’m in charge of paperwork issues like this.  I am not  responsible for the calendar, placing everyone, or setting up the volunteer list.  But I want it done, and it is for next year.  I am quietly working around current uh, leadership.  It’s common sense to take care of as much as possible as early as we can. 

 We have new volunteers who want to help for next year.  I think we are back on track.


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