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Bus Trip to Manhattan
03-26-09, 12:20 am
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 I’ve been busy this week finalizing plans for our bustripalooza this weekend.   I am losing and gaining chaperones and students almost daily.   The best way for us is to divide everyone into small groups for the day, and let them decide their own agendas.   1 chaperone is responsible for 3 or 4 students, while 2 chaperone groups have 4-6 students.   I try to put chaperones and students together with thought.  Walkers and shoppers don’t get along.  The kids who want to go to exclusive stores isn’t going to have a good day with the kid who wants to take the ferry to see the Statue of Libery.
This is what I usually do with students on one-day trips.   Each group will do different things. 
Battery Park-This is where the bus drops us off.  It is at the Southern tip of Manhattan.  If the day is clear, you will be able to see the Statue of Libery.   If you want to buy fake designer watches, sunglasses, or purses, they are very inexpensive here.  As you go North to Times Square, the prices go up.  We will for the next few hours.
Wall Street Bull.  Giant bronze statue, has been in many movies.  We’ll walk past it.  Wall st.  is the financial area.
Ground Zero/World Trade Center site-We’ll walk to herre so you can see the hole in the ground and construction area.
Chinatown-We will walk over to and through Chinatown.
Little Italy-As we go through Little Italy, we will stop for a hot chocolate/rest break.
SoHo-We will walk through Soho.  This is a trendy area.  
Then we take the subway or taxi and head North to The Empire State Building,  then we walk to
Macy’s-The world’s largest department store.  It takes up an entire city block.
Back to the Subway going North.
From there, we will probably go up to the bottom edge of Central Park.  We will stop at FAO Schwarz, the famous toy store if you want.  The Apple store is in front of it, underground.  Across the street is the Plaza hotel.  It has been in many movies.  We won’t be going in though.
We will walk South on 5th ave where there are many famous stores. 
We will walk past Rockefeller Center where you can see the ice rink, again famous from many movies.
We will end up in Times Square, probably as it is getting dark.
What would you like to do in the evening?  see a Broadway show? go to see the circus at Madison Square Garden?   (please not the circus. pleeeeeaassee.)
It’s even funner.  We leave about midnight,  ‘sleep’ in the bus, spend about 15 hours walking around, then reboard the bus to ‘sleep’ all the way home.
Funnerer-It’s supposed to rain Saturday. 

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