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April Weddings
04-06-09, 1:16 am
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  Two of my boys are getting married this month.  The circumstances are night and day.

Chef is finished with his education.  He is a professional civil engineer, specializing in water and wastewater.  His fiancee is also an engineer.   They have good jobs, and can support themselves.  They are in their late 20’s.    They only got engaged the end of last year, and the wedding is in a few weeks.  They plan on moving to the US in June.   They have enough money to go 6 months without work.  Chef thinks if they don’t try now, they never will.  It’s been his dream to come back and live here.  They’ll stay with us.    He told me he ‘pooped’ the question officially  last month.  I love Spanglish.

The other one is way too young, and it’s a shotgun wedding.  He is in his second year of college, and doesn’t have a job.  He’s from a deeply machismo society.  His wedding is a day before Chef’s.   It will be a quiet, quicky wedding with no church, reception, or guests.   The condom malfunctioned, and the girl’s parents are pressuring him into a wedding before the she starts to show.  He doesn’t love her, but says he’ll learn.  My heart is breaking for him.


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