Wry Exchange

I am in Chile
04-22-09, 11:43 am
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  The last 10 days have been crazy.  You know you’re tired when you sleep on a plane.   (More about home in another post, except to say GoodDobie is doing much better.)

I arrived in Santiago yesterday.  Husband can’t get away from work and other obligations.  I’m representing both of us.  I really don’t remember too much from the morning.   I have a cold and am just physically, mentally, and emotionally whipped.  I had a damn voice in my head repeating everything I thought.  I hate when that happens.

Baggage claim-Three gorgeous Labs were drug sniffing.  Two of them stayed and slowly sniffed my entire luggage cart.  Their tails were wagging as they happily snorffled.  Their handlers asked if I brought food with me;  I said ‘no’ and showed them BadLab’s photo on my phone.  They smiled and pulled the dogs away. 

P-I am staying with P’s family for a few days until I go a bit South for Chef’s weddings.      I love P’s family.   His nephew is 10, I first met him when he was a shy 2 year old while P was on exchange.    P and I have an easy relationship.  It always feels just like we saw each other yesterday.    Husband and I love him dearly.

Chef-His civil ceremony is Thursday, and the religious ceremony and reception are Saturday.  When you have 2 ceremonies, which one do you choose as your anniversary date?   Chef has a bad case of  ‘Groom Brain.’   He lost his parking ticket for the airport, and had a huge penalty.  He misplaced his wallet, he left his keys in the car in downtown Santiago, etc.   He’s trying to do too much.

Jumbo-I love Jumbo grocery stores.  My newest thrill? Scented tissues.  P had lavender, and was surprised we don’t have scented Kleenex at home.   I bought lime & coconut, lavender, and cucumber melon.  I left vanilla, apple, mint, and herbal for other customers.

More later.


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