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Whirling Wry, BadLab, & GoodDobie
05-06-09, 12:46 am
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I arrived home Friday, and was happy to hug Husband and the dogs.  I flew from Santiago to Miami, Chicago, then final airport.  Many travellers wore masks.  I think they looked ridiculous.  I watched the man in front of me lift his mask to eat and drink. 

I got home, hugged the dogs, and let them sniff through my bags.  It makes them happy.  BadLab is from Chile.  Chef’s family sent him up to us as a puppy.  BadLab is our first-and only-Labrador.   We were used to elegant, dignified, smart Dobermans who amuse themselves.  Labbys require a lot of attention, and are like rotten little kids.  Chef said they sent him up so I could learn patience.  We love him, and he has settled down.  Anyway, Chef’s family still has MomLab, DadLab, and TwinLab.  He sniffs luggage and boxes here, they sniff down there.

GoodDobie looked good, on Saturday he looked sick.  Saturday we had a dear friend’s wedding, and my parents 50th anniversary party.  Sunday was parent orientation for the exchange students.  I got him into the vet’s today.   The blood tests revealed-Diabetes.  Hurray!  No pancreatic tumors.  He’s down to 73 pounds.  That’s about 20 pounds in a month.   He had a seizure in the parking lot, but was up bopping around in less than 10 minutes.  The vet called tonight to check on him.  He said GoodDobie seized because of so much stress, and sugar over 700.  It was scary.

I brought back a good Chilean cold, and shared my US cold with everyone.  Everytime I coughed or blew my nose on the plane or airports, I received dirty looks.   21 hours of fun.   Husband said I should’ve made piggy noises.  Hey, I knew the pilot on my flight from Santiago to Miami.  He was the pilot I had Thanksgiving dinner with in Bolivia 18 months ago.   I was too shy to ask for an upgrade.  I was seated in the middle seat of the middle row.


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Ugh. Middle of the middle. That sucks.

Should’ve told the dirty lookers you were on vacation kissing pigs.

Comment by Ann, CTC

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