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05-07-09, 10:23 pm
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Poor GoodDobie is whipped.  He had a seizure yesterday morning and last night after his shots.   With the vet’s blessing, we cut the insulin in half.  This morning he had a seizure before the shot.    It’s taking him longer to become himself each time.  He sleeps long and hard after the seizures.  We got Phenobarbital today for him, and he’s a happy, drunk little monkey.  No seizure tonight, but we think his eyes are going. 

We are not ready to have the ‘quality of life’ discussion, but we are both thinking of it.   He has 20-22 good hours daily, and we’ll see how the Phenobarbital works.   He’s been romping in the house, and running around chasing BadLab outside.  He’s eating and drinking well.

BadLab has been a wonderful protector.  He helps GoodDobie, and alerted Husband to this morning’s seizure.  He goes out with GoodDobie, and stands watch in the backyard.  He sleeps touching him. 

The vet isn’t sure if the diabetes and seizures are related.  He’s asking specialists.  The strangest thing is after the insulin injections,  GoodDobie starts humping BadLab.  He’s not a humpy dog, it’s really out of character, and he’s not good at it.  BadLab doesn’t care.   He’s happy to play.


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We have been there with two dogs. One is still with us, one is not. Best of luck.

Comment by onelifelog

Thank you for the good wishes. He had a great day today. Husband joked he heard us talking about him last night. He didn’t recognize us last night, and needed help standing. Husband had to carry him out to ‘go.’

Comment by Wry

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