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Pre-Owned Dobermans are Tough
05-11-09, 12:40 am
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 GoodDobie is a good, used Doberman.   We adopted him from Hand Me Down Dobes out of Columbus, Ohio.  They have volunteers all throughout Ohio and nearby states.   The dogs range from puppies to senior dogs.   The dogs live with foster families, and tested for behavior with small children, cats, and other dogs.

GoodDobie is between 10 and 12.  Our 5 other Dobies have lived to age 10.  We’ve only had him three years.  He didn’t recognize us last night, and backed away when we came toward him to bring him in the house after peeing.  Husband grabbed him and carried him in.  We think he was remembering his old families, and was afraid.  He had a good, strong day today.  We’ve upped the insulin to 12 units, and lowered the phenobarbital to ¾ of a tablet.  We didn’t have anything to lose by playing with the dosages.  We don’t want seizures, or a zombie.

I made doggy food for him yesterday.  5lbs of hamburger, box of barley, half a box of rice, frozen asparagas, and frozen broccoli all cooked.  He enjoyed it all but the broccoli, but BadLab loves broccoli.  He also has hardboiled eggs for treats.


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I hope he is going to be okay, Wry. Four-legged children come in to your life – melt your heart…

Comment by BT in SA

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