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Doggy Update
05-21-09, 11:18 pm
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  The official diagnosis is a brain tumor in GoodDobie.  The diabetes is completely unrelated.  The tumor is squishing his brain as it grows, so that’s why he’s had seizures.    He was doing so well last week, but had a seizure over the weekend.

He’s still active and eating well.  He doesn’t seem to be in pain.   He’s gained 5 pounds back on a lovely homemade diet of hamburger, chicken, and hard boiled eggs for protein, with rice, barley, or lentils for carbs, and various vegetables.    I don’t mind cooking for him, but hate all the dirty pots and pans.


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I am so sorry, Wry. I did a lot of research with cancer when we had our Rotty. Seem to remember that we needed to knock out carbs and processed “sugar.” Go for some protein and anti-oxidants [broccoli, sweet potatoes?]. I know there is a lot of information out there. Keep us updated. We will keep GoodDobie in our prayers.

Comment by BT in SA

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