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Dell Mini 9 FAIL
06-01-09, 12:45 am
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  My five month old Dell Mini 9 died Friday night.  I’m mourning.  I love that dinky computer.  It worked fine until then.  I turned it on, and a black screen popped up with the dreaded words “Operating System not Found.”

I chatted online with Dell for an hour trying different fixes.  They’re sending a call tag for it to go back.  At least it’s under warranty.  I can’t be the only one who had a catastrophic failure since they’re discontinued already.  Dell Mini 9 has only been out in the USA since last Fall.

Santa brought it because it’s great for travel. (Santa thinks it’s stupid, and calls it a toy.)  I can carry it in my purse.  It was wonderful on my Chile trip.  Quick to boot up, nice long battery life, too.    It should take 5-8 days to return it to me. 

I’m leaving Saturday on a 2 week business trip.  without my computer.  I’ll be twitching and bitching.   While I’m gone, I found a blog about exchange students for you to read.  The blog is about a bus full of horny howler monkeys travelling in California and Nevada.   It sounds amusing in an “I’m glad that’s not me” kind of way.


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