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GoodDobie Good Update
06-01-09, 1:30 am
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 GoodDobie is a happy boy.  He’s gaining weight on people food diet.  He’s getting strength back,  and is playing with BadLab.   He hasn’t had a seizure in a long time.   He looks great.  We even took him for a short walk around the block this afternoon.  He pranced.   We’re mixing dog food in with the people food for him.

BadLab refuses to eat his Iams food.  He wants people food, too.  The little guy is spoiled.  BadLab has curly fur, so he can hid a few pounds by appearing fluffy.  I couldn’t get his collar over his head for the walk.  The little porker’s collar had to be let out over an inch.

I can’t take BadLab for a long walk without GoodDobie.  GoodDobie becomes stressed and anxious even with Husband staying with him.  We’ll think of something.

Since I’m going away for 2 weeks, I’ll have to leave lots of Dobie Chow made up in the fridge.


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What people food did you get GoodDobie to eat? I have a 14 1/2 yo border collie with the beginnings of kidney disease, but I have got to put some weight on her. Being the brat she is, she is turning her nose up at the expensive prescription dog food. I’ve added raw chicken to her bowl, but she just picks out the chicken and leaves the rest. What else did your dog like that he couldn’t turn down?

Comment by onelifelog

Hi. Our dog is doing well, and I hope yours improves, too. Hardboiled eggs are a good treat 2-3 times a day, but we had to break them in half the first few times for BadLab since he didn’t realize they were food, not toys. I don’t give them any raw meat, I cook it. I get ground beef and sometimes ground turkey. Mix the meat with juices into the dog food so it coats it well. Try a little garlic seasoning or brown onions and garlic for more flavor. Rice and barley are good for putting on weight. Our dogs like veggies, a little butter flavor goes a long way. Whole wheat pasta. Jars of Heinz gravy were good to add to the dry food.
Make small portions to put in her bowl, and add to it if she wants more. We threw out lots because I put too much in their bowls, and it sat out overnight.
I’m not sure how much help I can be. our issue is sugar, and yours is probably salt. Read labels!

Comment by Wry

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