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Host Family Gifts-09 Update
08-08-09, 1:09 am
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 Last year’s host family gift post is here.   As luggage requirements tighten, gift selection becomes more difficult.   If you must take coffee table books, put them in your carry-on or laptop bag.  Take a big bag of penny candy or DumDums suckers for token gifts.
Look for gifts specific to you, your family, and your immediate area. Don’t take anything USA themed, but pack a tshirt from your high school. Do you have local postcards in your area? Bring them.


08-03-09, 1:57 am
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Wow.  I can’t believe it’s almost a month since I posted.  Bad, bad Wry.

BadLab-losing weight, looking good.  He’s been a picky eater because Mrs. Chef sits on the floor hand-feeding him breakfast.  Husband stopped that.

GoodDobie-Looks good.  Can’t see at all, but he’s compensating well.  We’ve been able to take him for walks.  He’s happy and active.  It’s a miracle he lived through April, and we’re thrilled.

Chef and Mrs. Chef-Love her, willing to sell him.  They watched ‘Juno’ the other night and OCD came up.  She pointed at the screen, and chirped ‘That’s me!’  She’s sweet, and a hard worker.  Husband says Chef is going on 12.

WryMIL is still in the hospital, with ups and downs.  She had 3 mechanical helper hearts pumping at the same time for a while.  She’s down to one now, and can walk a few feet.

WryDad-Doing well, but we never asked about the feral cat that attacked him.

Fearful Leader-now Former Fearful Leader for 33 days now!  Hurray!  Our program survived her reign.  She managed to get one last “Fuck you” in by changing the date of our first meeting.  Kudos to her for being so inventive and sneaky.  I never would’ve thought of that.  As usual, we found out early enough to fix it.  The gossip around says she has early Alzheimer’s.  I don’t believe that.  A few people vote for ‘clueless’ and ‘Peter Principle,’ but my vote is ambitious.  She’l looking beyond the local area, either to move up, or to fold our program into a much larger group.  I hope the date change was her last surprise.