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Rashomon FES-Style
02-20-09, 10:58 pm
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 Common sense isn’t a known exchange student  strength.  I don’t think too many are chess wizards; thinking a few moves ahead just doesn’t happen.

One of the little buggers messed up.  He doesn’t realize any adults back home know.  All of his friends both home and abroad know, and it’s all over Facebook and MySpace.   He hasn’t asked for help from any adults, hasn’tand police are involved. 

I enjoyed reading five different FES accounts of the same event.  Each statement is slightly different to position the writer’s innocence.  I haven’t seen the police report or other witness statements, so I don’t know the final version.   Students from 4 countries are involved.

Several exchange students were at a party with other students. Late at night, a school night, bad part of town, none of their families knew where they were.    A fight broke out. “We” were just standing there, “they” jumped us. “They” started it, but several FESs “didn’t see” who started it. They were inside, not outside. or outside, not inside.    Allegations of theft  vs ‘Oh, no I just looked at it and set it right back down in the same place immediately.’    Maybe some flirting, or was it sexual harassment?    There was alcohol at the party, but I wasn’t drinking, but I think maybe a others had a little. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen.  Right now, the 4 adults from our program are waiting to see what the other program will be able to do with the local  police involvement.  Two of the volunteers in the other country haven’t been informed by our student, either.  Not going to get the benefit of the doubt from anyone.

 Husband and I preach to this kids.  Rule #1  Don’t lie to Wry and Husband.  #2.  If you are in trouble, tell us as soon as possible so we can help. #3 If you lie, and then ask for help, you’re screwed.   If we trust a student not to lie or withhold information from us, we will do everything possible to help.


Cocktail Party Chatter
12-26-08, 1:49 am
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 It’s party time in America!   If you’re running out of dinner conversation, check out these websites.  In 15 minutes, you’ll be ready to discuss pop culture, current events, and new movies

   Today’s Papers from Slate.com   It’s the Cliffs Notes version of  The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and USA Today.   I have it sent to my inbox daily.  It’s a great way to keep on top of important stories.

The Movie Spoiler.com lets me know about current movies.  The last movie we saw in a theater was The Dark Knight.   I want to join in when people are discussing current films, so I read synopses online.    Gran Torino sounds better than I thought, and Seven Pounds is one I know I won’t ever watch.

Jezebelis for women.  It covers gossip, best of last night’s tv, fashion, feminist issues, premieres, photoshopping, politics, and a little of everything else.

What else I like about these sites is their stickiness.  Slate has so much going on,  I can spend time reading about wines, travel, technology, international news, blogs, poems, photography exhibits, and politics.    Jezebel posts all day long.  If I have time I’ll go back and read 3 or 4 pages.   The Movie Spoiler has a huge archive of movies to read through.