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Bill Gates Retirement Video
03-13-08, 11:37 pm
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Bill Gates retirement video from Youtube.  It’s cute.  Kind of a G-rated version of the Jimmy Kimmel ones with all the celebrity cameos.


Gay and Lesbian Exchange Students
10-22-07, 10:58 am
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Dear potential Gay FES,

 Please apply to be an exchange student.  I see you’re worried about being accepted in other countries and cultures.  You Google ‘gay exchange student’ ‘gay FES in’ Argentina, Austria, Australia, all through the alphabet.  We’ve sent gay FES’s to all continents, so you won’t be the first.  I hear there are gay people everywhere in the world except Iran.

You may not wish to tell more than one adult in your program.  If it was me,  I don’t think I’d mention my sexual orientation at my interview, as many adults aren’t ready to accept teens have any sexual thoughts at all.  I certainly wouldn’t tell any adult in your host country before I arrived, or put it on my application.  Look for someone sympathetic in your program, s/he can give you advice.   I tell my students they can go anywhere in the world, just be discreet.  (I actually expect all the kids to be discreet.)  Our program’s volunteers like to assume the students are built like Barbie and Ken dolls.

Being gay is fine, but swanning about with a feather boa is not.  I me a potential FES recently who was stereotypically gay.  Everything screamed flamboyant flamer from his mannerisms, way of talking, and behavior. (he probably should lay off the caffeine, too.)  It was like the kid watched an old tv show to learn how to act, or the Fiesta, Fiesta video.  Please don’t be that person.  You don’t have to hide your personality, but you don’t need to express your entire personality, either.  Play the game.  

  I don’t know what I’m writing about. I’m just a well-meaning married, old lady volunteer.  If I’ve offended any of my gay students, I apologize. 

Another gay FES post.

09-04-07, 9:52 pm
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Some people shouldn’t eat in restaurants.  If you can’t afford to tip, don’t eat there.   

Unrealistic Beauty Expectations
08-19-07, 9:33 pm
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Nothing to do with youth exchange students.  This is just a rant about unrealistic beauty ideals in the US.   Pretty models aren’t good enough, they have to be perfect.  Actresses don’t necessarily need talent, but they have to be skinny and pretty.  People are not perfect. Get over it.
Dove Evolution Commercial from YouTube.
Redbook photoshopped Faith Hill for the August cover story. Jezebel.com bought the original photo and compares them.
Celebrity retoucher portfolio, Retoucher, and  Another Retoucher

Sworn Virgins
08-11-07, 12:06 pm
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This has nothing to do with exchange students, but it shows a different way of life.  It’s an article in today’s Washington Post about women living as men in Albania.  Women there have traditionally had few options.   Sworn Virgins   And from National Geographic via YouTube,  a podcast.”>podcast.